Big Ticket, Small Town makes it's stop this summer in Tweed! 
Last year's concert at Applefest in Brighton had overwhelming success and with this year's concert being at a beautiful Lakeside Venue at Trudeau's Park in Tweed its sure to be another hit with the Legendary Canadian Rocker's BIG WRECK! Uniquely this event will coincide with a Watercross Racing (Snowmobile Racing on Water) event that is happening at the Park during the daytime.

Big Wreck is responsible for the classic Canadian Rock Tunes that helped shape the Canadian Rock industry with such songs as "The Oaf (My Luck is Wasted)" "Lady Like" and "Blown Wide Open" just to name a few. Special guests on this show will be Long Range Hustle, a Toronto based band with close family ties to Tweed. 

Big Ticket, Small Town is exactly what it sounds like, It's about bringing entertainment to small towns that you typically wouldn't see in a small community! "There's something about bringing big sound, bright lights and pyro to a small town that really gets the community together" says Casey Trudeau, One of the member of The Initiative Group that produces Big Ticket, Small Town.

Tickets Start at $39.99, Corporate Packages available.
All Ages, Licensed Event
August 19th at Trudeau's Park Lodge in Tweed
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